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Electoral Division Boundaries

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Electoral Divisions (EDs) are the smallest legally defined administrative areas in the State for which Small Area Population Statistics (SAPS) are published from the Census.

There are 3,440 legally defined EDs in the State. One ED, St. Mary's, straddles the Louth-Meath county border, and is presented in two parts in the SAPS tables, with one part in Louth and the other in Meath. There are 32 EDs with low population, which for reasons of confidentiality have been amalgamated into neighbouring EDs giving a total of 3,409 EDs which appear in the SAPS tables.

The graphic file contains the boundaries for 3,409 EDs in addition to administrative county and province boundaries. The boundaries have been smoothed in accordance with our licencing agreement with OSi Ireland. These boundaries are for general information only and any individual or organisation downloading them are required to acknowledge the terms and conditions under which they are made available.


High definition Electoral Division boundaries for all legally defined EDs may be acquired from OSi Ireland.     [http://www.osi.ie]

Click on link below to accept disclaimer and to begin download

Electoral Divisions Boundary files




The ESRI Shape (SHP) file format is a vector format created by the Environmental System Research Institute. SHP files support point, multi-point, polygon, polyline and multi-patches.

This file format contains three files:
Main file: *.shp
Index file: *.shx
DBase file: *.dbf

for each boundary.

The three files must be downloaded. Most GIS applications can read SHP files

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